24 Mamie Laiwa Drive, Point Arena, CA 95468


Manchester-Point Arena Band of Pomo Indians

Tribal Government website for the Manchester-Point Arena Band of Pomo Indians.

Our Mission Statement

The goal of the Manchester Point Arena Band of Pomo Indians tribe is to protect and enhance the quality of lives of our members by providing opportunities of growth, prosperity and self-sufficiency while protecting our culture and traditions. We exercise the right to self-govern and to protect our beautiful land and flourish for future generations.
Pomo pattern

The Garcia River Casino

Experience some of the best food and fun on the Pacific Coast when you visit the River Grill at the Garcia River Casino!

Point Arena lighthouse.

The Point Arena Lighthouse

The tribal office and reservation for the Manchester-Point Arena band of Pomo Indians is just a stone’s throw away from the rugged coastal waters of the Pacific northwest and the striking Point Area lighthouse.

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